The new Android app version now uses a very restricted photo picker

Android app version 1.29.14 has extremely limited photo selection options. Previously I was able to select from the photos app or from my camera roll, allowing me to use photos from my Google account that were not taken on this device. In the past few weeks this option was removed, which makes it impossible to add photos to an existing observation from an external source. This can be done via the browser, but photo selection and reordering is incredibly clunky and hard to use on browser, so I’m hoping this feature can be restored on the mobile app.

Moved to this bug report as it seems to be the same issue - if it’s different, feel free to let us know along with additional info on how to distinguish from this one…thanks!

We just rolled out an update via the Play Store that should fix this, it’s version 1.29.18 (592). You’re now given a choice when you tap on “Choose Image,” so you can choose photos from your gallery, Google Photos, your phone’s files, etc. How it looks will depend on your device and where photos are stored.

Here’s what I see on my Samsung running Android 12:

And on my Pixel 7 running Android 13:

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