"This site is buggy"

That’s how a comment on an observation ( https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/85718699 ) starts.
The user mentions that he failed to log in to the forum, thus cannot write a bug report here.
Main issue seems to be the “Agree” button in the app.

Seems to just be a user issue stemming from them not understanding the interface.

They are also using the iOS app, which is known to be more difficult to use, and with fewer features. Not having an agree button isn’t one of them though, I think it sounds like they didn’t have the agree button because they had already agreed.

Because they are on the iOS app, they will not receive comments or tags, so there is no way to contact them unless they have email notifications set up for messages, I believe.

Not sure why they are saying that not being able to log on to the Forum for the first time ever is a problem, that just means that they don’t have an account. On the flipside, they should just log in using their iNaturalist account, which, from the details, it seems they didn’t do.

I’m interested in knowing what forum topic they are talking about that said that stuff, was it the one that led to the agree button being taken away and then brought back? Because that’s not relevant anymore…

Not much we can do to help them without screenshots.

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I wasn’t able to generate any errors when tapping the Agree button, tapping more than once, or tapping/holding in iOS 3.2.1 (641). I’ll close this report; the user can create a forum account to submit a bug report with screenshots and other details in the bug report template which are typically required to troubleshoot the issue. Looks like @marina_gorbunova has already informed them how to create a forum account.