Thomas Blanchard Macro Nature Video

Thought everyone here would enjoy this short video. It has something for fans of all kinds of taxa, especially bugs and blooms.

You might get some street cred (is it trail cred for nature nerds?) if you can identify any of the species in the film, here and/or in the Vimeo comments. The peonies opulent bloom was great, since I’ve been watching them do the same in slow motion around my neighborhood!


I have a major weak spot for peonies blooming…While I don’t have those totally amazing mantids at my place I do have tenodera sinensis who appropriately hangs out in my Chinese peonies :)

I would love to see those mantids in real life!

I can’t get past ‘true bugs’ and decide on a family for the red and black dinner of the mantis.

I definitely saw alstromeria, alium, lilies, also geranium species maybe and…

No cred for me :(

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Vanessa cardui? Or Vanessa atalanta? Definitely that genus though…

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agree that’s Vanessa!

What a cool video! I’m better at plants than critters. I recognized Phalaenopsis orchids (hybrids), alstroemeria, a couple of lillies, several compositae.

Quite an fascinating video. Colour temperature and lighting was impressive. Subject matter outstanding!

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