Observations page / Incorrect location of an observation on the map

This is a view of Mauritius using this URL:

Some observations are located in the sea.

Let’s focus on this one an open it:

In the page of this observation, the location is now correct (Île aux Aigrettes), it is not anymore in the sea:

As a conclusion, the observation was first displayed at a wrong location on the map.

This is an obscured observation. You can see the real location but us (without permission) not. Ideally those obscured observations should be displayed differently from the other observations.

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It’s working as intended, since the Explore/Your Observations page has never shown true coordinates for obscured observations. There is a feature request to do so here https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/view-true-locations-on-maps-for-observations-with-trusted-hidden-coordinates/2568

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I have had the same issue. Specifically on map searches. If you search Great Horned Owls in Vermont USA there are 48 observations; 3 or 4 of those are outside the Vermont border; 1 of them in Canada.

The observation I added Yesterday shows up near the town of Richmond:

But if I go to My Observations, the owl is precisely where I placed it:
Edit: I since learned that locations are obscured to protect species of concern.

let’s not post any more true locations of obscured observations here, please. there’s a reason that observations of these species are automatically obscured.


Closing to focus discussion at the feature request.