Time issue: overview shows different time than record page

I am probably overlooking something. In an overview of my records of march 5, 2020 the first record of the day is Common Sandpiper clocked in at 6:41 PM JST
The actual recording time was 10:41 AM JST. All individual records are -timewise- more or less accurate. But in the overview all times are given -4 hours
The last one is: 2.42 PM and is given as 10.42 PM
It seems to have something to do with the PM/AM 12 hr system vs 24hr system…but not sure at all…

pardon me if this is the wrong section!

What is a date stamp on files? Is it correct and is it in am/pm or 24h?

a difference of 4 or 8 hours is unlikely to be a 12h/24h issue… it will be timezone based. Can you supply screenshots showing these time differences, so that staff/developers can know exactly where to look?

It seems as though one works with 24hr system, the other with 12hr…but that’s not the whole story.

It’s the timezone but I don’t know how to fix that.
I manually change the region’s timecode to JST, that usually results in the timezone being corrected to Tokyotime.
I think that normally the ‘added time’ is my time (CET, in NL). it has been set to JST too…

am i messing up things or did the system do that?


What’s the timezone set in your profile?

lots of things going on here.

first, look at the observation detail screenshot that you posted. the submitted date will reflect the time zone of the device from which you’re viewing the observation. so in this case, your computer is probably currently set to CEST. the observed date – assuming the date came from photo metadata – will reflect the local date and time recorded by your camera, but it will ignore the time zone (offset) recorded by the camera and instead apply the time zone that you had set up in your iNaturalist profile at the time of upload (without translation from the camera’s time zone). so in this case, the timestamp (2020-03-05 14:42:50 -800) from your camera (which appears to have been set at Pacific time), was recorded to the observation as 5 Mar 2020 2:42 PM JST (which means your iNaturalist profile was probably set to JST at the time you uploaded this observation).

now, on the Explore list view, the observed date shows up as 5 Mar 2020 10:42 PM JST. that appears to be a (mis)translation of 5 Mar 2020 2:42 PM JST (+9) to 5 Mar 2020 10:42 PM CEST (+1) without changing the time zone that is displayed. in other words, this screen should either show 5 Mar 2020 2:42 PM JST or 5 Mar 2020 10:42 PM CEST. so there’s a bug on this screen. (i’m not 100% sure, but this might be related to the problem reported here: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/daylight-savings-time-not-shown-in-list-mode-on-website/21283 , which had a recent fix, though i’m not sure if it was deployed yet or not.)

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GMT+1 Amsterdam. The timestamp for one of the Thayer’s Gull photos is 14.42. No mistake there.
I remember setting the time of my camera to Tokyo time. That worked fine for the photos (timestamp in EXIF corresponds with the actual time of recording) but not for the moviefiles (strangely enough)

Thanks for the elaborate reply Pisum… I can’t fully grasp it yet.
What needs adding is that i feed all my records directly into the webpage on my pc at home in gmt+1 amsterdam time
I use obsmapp as my fieldrecorder for another site.

Hope this info helps narrow down the problem

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