Time zone not specified in this observation?

I am still trying to understand how to know if an observation was made during the day, night, sunrise or sunset… in each particular region of the globe. For nearby locations it’s easy but I frequently get lost when they are thousands of kms away. I’ve read a few posts in the forum about time zones at iNat and it seems a complex thing, so I will go little by little ;)
Please, could someone please tell me the UTC time or time zone of this observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/27473939

What I see from the desktop website is:
Observed at Jul 27, 2008 · 10:30 +08:00.
(See the screenshot I attach)

But when I move my mouse pointer over that date/time I get a popup box saying: 2008-07-27T04:30:00+02:00.

So I get two options? 4:30 + 2h and 10:30 + 8h.
Probably they are pointing correctly to the same time but I don’t know how to find it without a time zone. Is the 4:30 a UTC time?
Thanks for any comments.

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I don’t know how you get shown anything when you hover your mouse over time, but time is shown correctly there, 10:30 in UTC+8. Plus you can just google that Malaysia time is +8.

I get a popup box saying: 2008-07-27T06:30:00+04:00. It seems that this box shows the time according to the user’s time zone (CEST in your case, MSK in mine).

Regardless of how you count, the photo was taken at 2:30 AM UTC or 10:30 AM local time, assuming that the camera time had been set correctly.

4:30 + 2h and 10:30 + 8h are the same time. + 2h means “UTC + 2h” - and that (the time in the popup box) is the time converted into your time zone (ie, you are in the time zone UTC +2h and the observation was at 4:30 = 0430 = 4.30am your time). For the observer, local time was 10:30 + 8h - ie they were in the time zone UTC + 8h and the observation was at 10.30 = 1030 = 10.30 am their/local time. To get to UTC you just adjust by the + 2h/8h or whatever it is: 4:30 - 2h = 2.30, 10.30 - 8h = 2.30 (both = 0230 = 2.30 UTC).

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The time zone is clearly UTC+8 because the observation was made in Malaysia.

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