Title changes "Bees" to name of flower in Observation title

Platform Desktop computer, Dell, Windows, but iNaturalist window opened with Google search

Browser Chrome

Step 1: Upload photos to make an observation

Step 2: Clicking [Species name] usually focuses on the flower, less often the bees. It will automatically name the flower and I have to delete and tell it the Bee names, sometimes more than once because my entry is being overridden.

Step 3: If it looks good, I click upload the observation.

Step: 4 When I come back later to see if I got any ID hits, I find one now and then that doesn’t get a Bee ID because the title is now the name of the flower the bee is sitting on. I then edit it to the bee again. So far that has stayed in place so maybe it is only a problem in the uploading?

I wonder if having the name of the flower in the photo caption is being read and somehow taking precedence over the name of the bee, which I usually don’t have to species yet. Or if the Observation: “Associated Fields with Names Lookup,” or “Plant Association” could be interfering? Or if the AI sees the bees as flower centers or petals and ignores them at the expense of the seeing “bee” instead?

It happens on individual observation uploads and Batch Uploads where the entire group was labeled something like: Andrenidae

Hi @wenatcheeb, thanks for your report. iNaturalist will automatically search the photos’ filenames, keywords, and other metadata to try to match to a species in the iNat database. It sounds like you’re putting the flower name in the photo caption area of your photo organizing/editng software, but I’m not quite sure based on the description. Do you have screenshots or more details you can share, like the photo filenames/keywords/captions examples, and at which point it adds the name (right when it uploads, or only after you’ve added an observation field?)? If it is pulling the name from your photos themselves, it doesn’t sound like this is a bug per se, just iNat not being sure which organism from the caption that you’re focusing on for the observation.


Waiting for this to happen again, but the photo name is probably the correct answer.

I had a bee on a rock take on the name Elephant Seal and I had to reload it over and over because it kept being “fixed” back to Elephant Seal. Finally nailed it though. Noses and bee abdomens must look alike to the computer–this is not the first time it has happened.

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Thanks for following up - sounds like it is the file name and not computer vision. Computer vision results will only ever be added to your observation if you or someone else manually selects it in the drop-down of suggestions.