Inaturalist identifies my fish sightings without my clicking anywhere

For quite some time now, when I upload a photo of fish to iNaturalist to make a new sighting, the fish have been identified without my doing anything.

Sometimes the taxon that iNaturalist gives to the fish doesn’t even appear in the taxon suggestions.

Note that these “automatic” identifications are most often correct.

This only happens with my fish sightings.

Are these automatic identifications done because iNaturalist’s AI are smart enough to identify a fish without the help of the observer?

I use the iNaturalist site for my observations and not the mobile app.

The web uploader looks for species names in the metadata and file names of the media you add and tries to match it to a species in the iNat database, then enters it as an ID. Computer vision isn’t activated unless you actually click in the species guess field.

Do you include fish names in the file names or keywords of your fish photos?


Are you talking about the suggestions that iNat gives in the uploader? Or are you saying that the iNat automatically fills the species name without your selection?

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OP is describing a feature of iNat uploader, that was described by @tiwane, system reads the name of file you upload, and compare it with names it has in the database, filling the id.


@fffffffff is correct. Try renaming a photo “gymnothorax meleafris.jpg” or “whitemouth moray.jpg” and add it to the uploader.


Is it some special field in exif/ipts?

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That’s cool. Will it still work if there are more characters in the file name? For example:

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We can’t promise it’ll work in every format. I’d just try that and and see what happens.


Thank for your answers ans excuse me for this late reply.

Indeed, I name my photos of fish.
example: Marshall_Majuro_Maj1_Chaetodon lunulatus_4738.jpg

If I understood correctly, iNaturalist recognizes the taxon written in the file name and identifies my sighting with this info thanks to the functionality described by @tiwane

Thanks for your help, this settles my questioning.


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