Toggle to show counties (and other Standard Places) on maps

It’s probably a really minor request, but I was wondering if there could be a toggle or something to allow people to see what counties they have their observations on in their Your Observations map in the same way they’re outlined on species maps. It could be a useful thing for the Explore map too since it could mark regions with zero observations for exploration

The “Your Observations” link basically just takes you to and applies a set of filters to it, so it’s not really different than any other search that’s done there. I think if this were to be implemented, it would need to be part of the planned revamp of the Explore page, which is written in code that is different from the rest of the site. I can add it to the wish list, but can’t make any promises.

I’m going to close this. If you want to add this as a suggestion to this thread, please do.