Total Species Observed on taxon page should exclude inactive taxa

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome


Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Shows 2 of 1 species seen, not a localization issue as it is the same if I switch to English.Not a child taxa issue as the single species in the genus has no subspecies or children of any form.

There are two observed species in that genus, so I updated the title of your bug.

Not sure how this taxon was inactivated without a taxon change - it is not listed as last edited by anyone to have done it manually. Maybe because the species swap was done way prior to (2013) Scott’s implementation to restrict taxon changes on taxa with active children? See other bug about people being able to identify inactive taxa.

I swapped it into the correct species per POWO.

I’m seeing 1 of 1 now:

Here’s another that hasn’t yet been fixed.

Caused by an observation of (inactive) P. viridis sensu lato:

Thanks. Added to my weekly report.

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OK, this should be fixed now.

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