Inactive taxa are displayed in Compare / Suggestions tool

I wouldn’t expect inactive taxa to be displayed here:

Pressed the compare button on observation detail page. Filters selected were:
Source: Observations
Taxon: Primula (primroses)
Place: Montana, US


I’m a little surprised to see inactive taxa when using Observations as the source – there shouldn’t be many observations with inactive taxa as the CID. I get it all the time using Checklist as the source though.

Also, I’m not getting this thread as a hit when I search for “inactive” and “suggestions”. Maybe the slash in the title is causing a problem? (Works with “inactive” and “compare” though.)

And now that I’ve typed “suggestions” in a post, I suppose it’s a problem that fixed itself…

working now that I added some spaces – it registers the first post in the topic in the search result …noted!

added this issue:

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This should be fixed now. At least, I’m not seeing the inactive taxon for @bouteloua’s original example, so will mark as solved. Let us know if you’re still seeing inactive taxa when sourcing from observations.


I checked a few I know used to bring up inactive taxa and they all worked. Thanks!

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