Able to select inactive taxon for ID


I know it has been reported before, but just getting it formalized here. There is still some odd functionality somewhere in the site that allows users to select an inactive taxa for their identification,.

See for an example.

Screenprint also added in case it disappears.



Just for the development team, I followed up with the observer of the 2nd link, and asked if they had done something different to enter that inactive taxa.

They replied they just ‘typed it in’. Everywhere I tried to do just that, either when I hit enter the field blanked out or if I tried to save with that in there it blanked out the taxa box upon saving.

I dont know if there is another variant of ‘just typed it in’ I missed trying. The only obvious difference was the observer was on a Mac and I am on a Windows machine, so maybe some behaviour difference between how Chrome and Safari deal with lookahead typing ?



It’s not coming up for me in Safari. Here’s what “Avicularia h” gets me:

“Avicularia hu” shows nothing.



The coywolf one was made from an iPhone, so maybe related to how it selects a taxon when the data connection is not perfect?



I interpreted it to mean they just kept typing despite the lack of the entry in the dropdown, as the text had to get completed somehow.



I used Avicularia huriana as a placeholder in both Safari and Chrome and iNat selected the inactive taxon both times:

Same thing happened with Canis latrans × lupus.

I’ll write up an issue.

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Obviously related to this, but not quite exactly the same.

see here:

I added the ID of “Nata”
when it displayed it showed this

after 5 minutes, when I opened the observation again, the red “inactive taxon” icon just vanished, but it displayed for 5 minutes (and fortunately was still in my browser for a screen grab).

The real issue is that there is no inactive taxon. see here:✓
So why did it display “inactive taxon”?



This is not an isolated happening, it has been reported before. Somewhere in the system is another flag where it was reported twice in a single day. I will see if I can track that flag down.

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