Tracking daily iNat stats

How fun would it be if our iNat calendar page included a count for number of days in a row that we’ve done observations, or a longest string of days, etc. I bet this would be an incentive for folks to get out an do a daily iNat or to try to lengthen their best string. Certainly would be fun for those of us who try really hard to do one every day and then find the calendar congratulating you for getting to 10, 100, or an entire year!

Look forward to your thoughts and comments.

@tiwane We might need a “keeping streak alive through covid” thread!

@scubabruin don’t forget to vote for your feature request!


Thank you. I’ve enjoyed the hypothetical solutions thread regularly, but had not seen the streak finder before and that’s nice to have on hand. Perhaps that streak finder link could be a click-through on one’s iNat calendar page since it’s not super clear to find this link otherwise.

And, I love the “keeping streak alive through covid” idea too :)
Stay safe and healthy!


Doesn’t seem to work anymore.

All I get is “An error occured”

Ah, Privacy Badger broke the site. Disabled it for the site and it works.

I probably know a few of those folks who are up in the hundreds of consecutive days. I just have too many other things to do, and I’m often more about the photography than the observation.

I think think would be fun as long as it was more of a personal thing, which it would be if it was calendar only. @scubabruin are you proposing adding it to the main calendar page, like

Yes! I think it would be a great addition to the calendar page to have a tracking component. Not sure what form it may take, but would be really fun (and maybe incentivizing) to show current streak, longest streak, and more. Right now, I’m counting up my streak on my own (180+ days)…and only just learned about these other options shared in the earlier parts of this thread. I guess my thoughts would be that, I’, not new to iNat and I’m just learning about these other options to track stats and streaks. Maybe a little stats option/button would be a perfect addition to the calendar page which could probably use a little more fun added to it :)

seems like my streak is 1 :flushed:

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