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Although Inat is not supposed to be a competition or game, some users(including me a lot of the time) view it as a nature’s Pokémon Go or something on the lines of that. I have always wondered if there is a way to see an Inat leaderboard that goes beyond the top observers and identifiers. For example, is there an easy way to find out your longest Inat streak(or longest of all time?), and also to see your longest streak of 10+ observations(or any certain number) without counting the calendar. Another example is a way to filter out the days that you saw 100+ species without meticulously searching the calendar and observations page. A final example is a list of species you are missing for the year, rather than all time.
Is there an API or external website that could calculate these records or achievements for you/leaderboards or is this impossible/defeats Inats purpose?
I’m not techy at all so I am lost with this.


yesterday i suggested Inat to become more gamefied lol, however the mods said those topics were discussed in the past and they say they wont implemented it, so i started reading the forums and i found an external link in which you could put your username and it would say what’s your daily ID rate


I definitely would like to see statistical summaries which would help me understand aspects of my activity like day of the week with most observations, miles trekked, and also seasonality of species.


This is one of the things that I love about how eBird does things. Right on the opening page is tells you the current checklist streak you are on along with species observed, complete checklists, species with photos, species with audio.

A feature I would love is the ability to set goals and track progress to reaching them.



i don’t think ether of these exist currently, but you could use the API to figure these out. the first step for each of these is probably to get your observation counts by day. here’s a page that can get you this information for this first step in a human-friendly format:

i’m not sure what “missing” in this context means exactly, but i’m sure it’s possible to figure this out by doing some sort of comparison between your species and some sort of reference list of species. depending on what your reference is, there may or may not be an existing tool to get this information.

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@pisum The API link shows when you uploaded the observations, not observed them. Is there one for when you took the photos?

i assume you mean this:


I enjoy the self competition of observations. Like I have taken the top spot for species in my region (Though it wasnt too tough since its a fairly remote region, I welcome competition). When I travel, I often try and top spot in certain less popular groups. Those I really hope to get overtaken on, and just hope the images I add of species people arent really looking for encourage others to look.

I dont mind personal achievements, but do agree that public competition can potentially increase low level observation spam.


A lot of those stats for “self competition” you can find here (replace my name with yours and go to bottom of the page to create your stats)

You can see total number of observations, species and IDs in a year, compare it to the year before, see your peaks in number of observations per day or month and observations streaks and I do really like the comparison with recent years at the bottom of the page… I also like the gamification aspect of stats and number (mainly just for comparision with myself) and thus it´s an awesome tool I use regularly and just put the links to each year on my profile page so I can quickly access it

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Does it also show you species that you have not observed for the year like eBird? And you cannot view other peoples stats unless they update it.


It provides a lot of those things you asked for in your intitial post… but not all. It is your own stats (which I personally thinks are most interesting… not so much the comparison with others)


same, i even suggested to make challanges and batches like “identify 10 observations that were posted 2 years ago” or things like that, i truly wish it could be implemented but yea

Try one of these links

Making Meaningful Identifications - Africa plants

If not plants then filter this to your taxon / location

It’s a marathon. Your goal is to clear that batch.

Or find a City Nature Challenge or Great Southern Bioblitz and help to clear the residue from previous years.

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thanks Diana!

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