Traditional Project User Interface Update

Platform(s), such as mobile, website, API, other: website

URLs (aka web addresses) of any pages, if relevant: none

Description of need:
The traditional project type is useful for certain types of projects at least until collection project can be changed to handle observation fields. However the traditional project user interface is rather confusing for new users and its ugly. The layout of the traditional project needs updating or more control over what page elements can be turned off.

Feature request details:
Some items I would like to change:

  • Join project needs to be more prominent
  • Add observation ribbon on banner points to deprecated upload tool, instead of new one. I assume this is because of the inability to auto load project id. I would rather not have it auto add to project than use the old loader, or at least have that choice if the new uploader cannot be fixed to auto fill the project box
  • Move the About section to the top of the Grey boxes on the right hand side
  • Remove some of the grey boxes or ability to turn them off, for example members is not needed because users can select People. Export Observations and Usage Stats could be moved to the Project Curator Tools boxes.

Don’t forget to vote on your own feature request. For some reason iNat doesn’t make that happen automatically.

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iNat has no control over this, it’s a ‘feature’ maintained by Discourse