Addition of Teacher Friendly Features To Traditional Style Projects

As a teacher who uses iNaturalist in the classroom I currently use the traditional project as neither the collections projects nor the umbrella projects meet our class needs, specifically the ability to add individual observations that can’t be automatically filtered.

My class would benefit from the addition of project features that are geared toward teachers attempting to collect student observations. Tools that would be beneficial would be:

  • The ability to export observations to formats other than CSV

  • An enhanced discussion board that clearly identifies teachers and students in the discussion.

It sounds like the only difference between this proposal and the existing traditional style projects would be redesigning the layout/stats of the latter to match collection projects. Is that right? Maybe that would make more sense as a feature request, if you want to revise the title.


Hi! You are correct, I edited the title.

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Here in Portugal we sometimes receive the same kind of request when, for one reason or the other people need traditional projects: please “upgrade” the layout/stats of traditional projects to have the good looks of collection projects.