Transfer ownership of abandoned guides?


Title asks the question - is there a way to transfer the ownership of a guide currently owned by someone who has clearly left the site ?

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deletee or absentee? (I don’t know the answer, just prompting info that might help who does)


I would assume if you delete your account, it deletes any guides you were the owner of, but dont know that for certain.

So absentee. There is a flag for curators related to concerns there are inaccurate species listed in a guide, but the author of the guide has been off the site for 3+ years, so there is no way to reach out to them.

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the inat admins have never allowed for transfer of anything from an abandoned user to anyone else that i am aware of so i am guessing this won’t happen, though i could be wrong

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That’s kind of my assumption, presumably the author of the guide still retains copyright over any text or content they added, so without their permission it can’t be transferred. i don’t think there is anything whereby when you do a guide you release the license of your text into the public domain.

I guess the inaccuracies need to stay.

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i think the response would also be that barely anyone uses guides anyway and they are depreciated

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