Translation option for project descriptions

I’m not sure if translation toggles exist on other iNat sites, but the Canadian site allows one to toggle between English and French. On a project page, when switching to French, there is no way to translate the project’s title and description and have that translation display. An option to add additional languages via further text fields (for each language the admin is willing to translate) when setting up a project might be one way to address this.

Screenshot of the (mostly) French version of my project:

as project admins are we able to add translations for any language of our choosing? I’d love to be able to put in a Spanish translation.

Yes, that’s what I’m suggesting. I’d like to add French and German to a couple of my projects, but the only way I can see to do it is to add them in the same place with/after the English. French would be there, but it wouldn’t display by default when French users visit.

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ahh ok. I guess my reading comprehension was lacking the first time around or I somehow missed that this was a feature request :P


I’m going to close this as we won’t be moving forward with it.