Translating names of languages in dropdown?

Is it possible to make languages be displayed with the name that is used in a language that is set in settings? I find it frustrating to search for a language when it can be translated or not and can be found in all parts of the list.

I know that iNat is using a separate website (?) for translations, but I couldn’t understand how it’s used, so I need help. Also there’s a question about “Беларуская”, cause it’s in part where languages are translated and this one is not. Also in translation some languages start with capital letter and others don’t, I find it confusing and it can cause wrong interpretations.

Hey :)

Could you share which webpage(s) specifically this menu is found?

And yes, iNat translations are largely crowdsourced via crowdin.

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That’s one for adding common names.

Hm. In that case, an admin who can take a peek at the code used to generate that list might be needed. Depending on its source the solution would vary.