Tribute iNat's TUTORIAL in my YT channel

I made a spanish tutorial of this plataform I love so much and wanted to share with iNat community (sorry for my bad english). I hope spanish speakers enjoy it and perhaps throw me some input/oppinions here (may be subtitles could work for non-spanish ones). Cheers! <3


I don’t speak Spanish but I loved the singing snail!

:snail: :microphone:


oh, thanks! Haha <3
Not sure, but when u put “subtitles” in the vid ¿Does these translate or not? I belive they don’t, but well… Thanks 4 watching, Alex!

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YouTube does provide machine translation, but In don’t know how good it is.
Early in the video (20 to 30 seconds from the beginning) Youtube translated your commentary as:

… so we are going to start so you learn to use the hole today in brainy space…


Bienvenido al foro!

Bastante completo el video sobre para qué sirve la plataforma y cómo usarla (incluido el breve resumen del foro), también divertido con esos cortes a otros videos.

Los subtítulos si funcionan, pero efectivamente no es la mejor traducción, creo que uno puede añadirle subtítulos propios a los vídeos.

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