Tutorials translation


I’m curious if we are allowed to translate Tutorials (after checking the project in crowdin), as I think they’re an important resource for people just getting involved with iNat. In english I can see a good amount but in spanish just two.

So, is there any problem if I do this?

What is an example of a tutorial?

amount but in spanish just two

I think they mean #tutorials:tutoriales-espanol

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Thanks zdanko. Another page.

I somethimes see pages like this https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/getting+started in an iNaturalist-blog translated into e.g. Spanish and I should prefer that those translated help-pages would be collected / made accessible from the menu. I think staff is already thinking about a solution for this. But it’s another tutorial.

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My bad, As said @zdanko I meant #tutorials:tutoriales-espanol here in the forum.

But I agree with you about those pages, it was always odd to me that such information is loaded in English even if you have selected Spanish in the account settings.