Turkish Translation bug/issue

The common name of the ant genus “messor” is seen as “Karınca” in the Turkish translation of inaturalist.“Karınca” means “ant” in turkish.So it can be easily confused as refering to any member of formicidae(Ants).So it is better to change “Karınca” to “Messor karıncaları” or no common name at all.

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I agree that it sounds like this is not an ideal common name for the genus. For issues with taxon names on iNat, it’s best to raise a flag on the taxon (which you can do from the taxon page). You can add your reasoning and curators can help or offer explanations.

You can also add a common name to a taxon if it is more appropriate and in use elsewhere. Instructions for how to do this are here: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/how-to-add-a-common-name-to-a-taxon/9792

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Do you know why my suggested common name is not appearing?
Should i report the common name “Karınca” somehow?

I’ve raised a flag on the taxon on iNaturalist.org to discuss the issue as recommended above. Please add to the discussion there.

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