Two different common names appear for same species on same page

Website, Opera

  1. Go to
  2. Note that under the subheading ‘Object’, the common name is shown as ‘silver dollar gum’
  3. But, at top of page, the taxon is shown as ‘argyle apple’
  4. Go to the taxon page for the species, and the name is shown as ‘argyle apple’:

I’m pretty sure one of those names has a location added, that’s why it appears alongside the main name.

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that doesn’t explain why I see two names; if one is set to Australia, then surely I should see that name in both places. If a name gets prioritised for a place, it should appear in all cases, otherwise what’s the point

I don’t know, but it’s likely within the system, here’s another example of it.

looks like the heart of the issue is that iNat users’ common name-related settings don’t affect how common names are displayed everywhere common names show up; i saw the flag before i saw this forum post, so I left a detailed comment there describing what i see on my end—

with reference to my comments on the flag:
what i’m seeing here

and what i’m seeing here

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 7.17.11 PM

(re: browser, it’s the same issue in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari)

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Argyle apple for Australia.
Silver dollar gum for English.

What @bouteloua asked for about prioritising WHICH common names we each choose to see?

I think @maxkirsch did a good job summing it up. I’m not sure what the best approach is for users. I could see a benefit to having certain pages or fields associated with curation of taxa (as is currently the case where the taxon shows as an object) showing as the same for all users regardless of their settings so that users can refer to something standardized.

But that approach can also lead to confusion/the page appearing to be inconsistent in situations like this. So the current system has that drawback. However, changing the way the taxon displays as an object here to take user settings into account might have drawbacks as well (eg, user confusion thinking that they are referring to different taxa in comments when they actually aren’t).

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I’ve noticed similar issues with scientific/common name displays. e.g.

It matches them if you go into the glitched name and click “Save.” I just did so.

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I still see 2 names unfortunately

I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to, see the comment I left in the flag. I fixed the double-name outside of the flag (browser tab/taxon name mismatch), but I believe you are supposed to see the prevailing English name alongside the regional name. I don’t think there are many Australian names, so you may not be accustomed to seeing this on flags. I don’t know if this is an intentional feature or a bug.

Common names may be sometimes annoying when to select an ID. It may happen that you end up with several common names (synonyms) e.g same name, but different scientific name or depending on the area several common names for one scientific one. I learned to be a bit careful when selecting one of the suggested names (look at the correct scientific name, or if the common name of the genus is the same as the species name and so on). Still from case to case should one consider if a hint (eg. location) would be helpful.