Unable to add desktop records to a group

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Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : edge

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Step 1: tried to upload new record to a group

Step 2: project box turned red

Step 3:

Hi @karmakarl, welcome to the Forum!

Can you clarify what you mean by “group”? Is this a project? Were you using the web uploader or trying to add an already uploaded observation? If this is a project, which one is it? Some projects have specific criteria that must be met.



I was using the web uploader for a new record.
The project is Get Cumbria Buzzing. It was a legitimate record that meets the project criteria. Other desktop users have also encountered the same problem. It works fine on my Android phone.

This is a collection project, and it’s not possible to manually add an observation to a collection project. As long as you make observations which meet the project’s requirements, your observations will be included automatically.


Ahh I am a new iNaturalist user and also had this but after uploading a couple of observations within the Get Cumbria Buzzing target taxa and location, I noticed that they got added to the project anyway. Thanks for the confirmation that it happens automagically

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