Updating the project page?

How often is the project page updated? Currently two of the three “New and Noteworthy” are no longer active (one from 2022 and one that ended last month). I feel like its a missed opportunity for increased engagement in projects and even iNat itself. Lots of timed events and projects could be easily missed, highlighting them more frequently could help boost their visibility. Same with the Featured projects, upcoming theme weeks could be featured so people are ready when they go live.

Currently its Pollinator Week 2023!!

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As far as I know the page isn’t updated super frequently.

I could’ve sworn there was a topic here on the forum to suggest projects for the project homepage, but I’m not finding it. @tiwane / @carrieseltzer, what’s the best route for people to suggest suitable projects here? https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/


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