Uploading audio on iOS

So, as it is, to upload an audio file to iNaturalist on the iOS app, you need to record it on the app. There’s no way to upload a file directly to the app. I know that problem has come up before on here and people suggested workarounds, many which are very helpful and work. I personally choose to upload them onto the website on Safari and adjust the observations information on the app after, because that’s just what works best for me.

Anyhow, I have a lot of audio files to upload. Like thousands. Because my system isn’t perfected yet and I end up with a lot of backlog to deal with. My question may not be able to be answered, but I’m wondering if I should even bother uploading all of the audio files this way if the iOS app is getting a big makeover at the moment. Has it been mentioned anywhere if the new version of the app that’s under construction will have a way to upload audio files? It will take me a long time to upload everything with the system I currently have and I’ll probably just wait if this is something we have confirmation on being added in the future. If there hasn’t been confirmation or discussion on this, what would you do? I’ll be a little irritated if I take a big chunk of time to upload them and then shortly after, there’s a really simple way to do so available.

I prefer to use the website on my phone, whereas a lot of the suggestions I’ve read on how to approach uploading audio files included another device, like PC, so maybe the somewhat complicated system I have now is the best option I have if I am constrained to the iPhone only.

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Are they saved in the default Voice Memos app, or a different app?

I usually save them as actual files.

If I’m not mistaken, there’s no way to import files into voice memos either, so you have to record directly on that app, just as it currently is for iNaturalist’s iOS app. Ideally, it would be neat if you could import an audio file rather than needing to use another specific app.

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