Can weblink to an observation page be copied on iNat App?

Often the need arises to link a related (or unrelated observation) while commenting on an observation(s), for whatever reasons including self-help, explanations, comparison, etc.

Now while using the iNat mobile app, this is a pain, because it is impossible (as far as I know) to get a web link off the observation page.
Or is there a way I don’t know about yet?

To be able to get web link to an observation, I have to use my mobile browser to access the iNat site.
I think, the site redirects to the downloaded app once you click on any observation (which is infuriating).
"Hey, I’ve been on the app. But what I need isn’t just there and that’s why I’m back here":weary:

This keeps happening, even when I switch to desktop browsing mode. How I eventually obtain the link without visiting a PC has always been a miracle.

My iNat usage is 85% in-app/mobile.


In the top right corner of the observation photo is the share symbol, looking like a sideways V. If you select this, and then just “share”, the observation URL is copied you the clipboard.


Oh, wow. Thanks! As a matter of fact, noticing this for the very first time.


On the first tab of the observation (I) there is an URL at the bottom of the page (Metadata block). You can select and copy it.


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