Use of lrank excludes "Unknown" observations

On the Explore page or Identify, if you use the filter for only showing taxa at a rank higher than x, such as lrank=family, it only includes observations of taxa that have a rank.

I would expect that it would include taxa that are higher than the listed rank and Unknowns, since they’re sort of rank=0, the highest rank, right above “Life”.

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personally, i don’t think this is a bug.

in my mind, items that have no rank because they have not been identified should not be returned by (which they are not).

since state of life items have been identified and therefore have a rank, i would expect them to be returned by (which they are).

i think this is kind of analogous to comparing against null:

  • is null > 0?
  • is null < 0?
  • is null = 0?

(none of these are true because null is null.)

Checked with devs and @pisum’s correct, one shouldn’t expect to see “unknown” observations if it’s working as designed. Whether that should be how it’s designed can be debated, but it’s not a bug so I’m going to close.