Use of the Ungrafted Taxa Widget/Panel on the iNat Homepage

I’m wondering how many folks use the “Ungrafted Taxa” widget/panel on the iNat homepage that shows five ungrafted taxa:

The impetus is that there can be a bit of a cost in load time of the homepage to fetch this info. If it’s being used a lot, then great. However, I know I personally don’t use it (at all), though I do very little taxon curation. If it isn’t being used much, though, changing/dropping the widget could improve load times for curators. There’s already a permanent link to the Taxon Curation page, so if most folks use this to head straight there, then just keeping this could be useful. That seems to be how some users like to work, for example:

BTW, since I do some flag curation, I do use the Flags widget quite a bit and I think I’d do less flag curation if I didn’t see it each time I accessed the homepage. I imagine a cost to changing/removing this widget could be less ungrafted taxon curation if that’s how many curators find these to work on them.

  • I never use the Ungrafted Taxa Widget
  • I rarely use the Ungrafted Taxa Widget
  • I just use the link to the Taxon Curation Page
  • I use the Ungraft Taxa Widget frequently

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Since all the ungrafted taxa were taken care of a while ago it hasn’t really been necessary. I do use it in the sense that if I recognize a genus I’ll edit it, but that doesn’t happen often.


I glance at it almost every time I use iNat, to check what needs doing, but like @thomaseverest says, since the fix it has been rare that anything needs doing.


Sounds like it might not be needed there?

IMO the section in the curation page is enough.


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