Use Wikidata to link to appropriate Wikipedia articles in all languages

Not sure if this is properly classed as a bug report or a feature request. The system that allows curators to manually establish a link to a Wikipedia page with a different name than the taxon in cases where disambiguation is required seems to break down when you run the site in a language other than English.

For example this page :

Hamadryas is a butterfly genus, a plant genus, and the common name of a primate, as well as a concept from Greek mythology

The default Wikipedia page under Hamadryas points to the mythology feature.

Therefore, you can set the Wikipedia about link to butterfly genus which is at

But this only works if you are running in English. If for example you are running in Spanish, there is a Spanish language page for the genus, but it is

Thus when Spanish users navigate to the page, they get the EoL content which points to the primate.

Curators are basically left with one of two choices:

  • turn off the about data for all users
  • set it properly for English users, but in doing so recognize that other language users may be presented invalid information.

I don’t know if there is any available fix other than allowing curators to set multiple links to the Wikipedia information that are language specific.

This would be another instance were linking up with Wikidata would make more sense than duplicating effort.

I just encountered one of those. I switched it off for now, but I’m not marking it as resolved, because obviously, that’s not a satisfactory resolution. I guess the obvious solution is for someone to do the Wikipedia edits necessary to allow us to link to good information in Spanish, but I am personally not up for that.

The issue with doing edits at Wikipedia is you would have to change the names off all the different language pages to be the same thing, and I’m not sure it makes sense for example for a Spanish language page to be called Hamadryas(butterfly)

EDIT - and it cant work at all for Wikipedia pages that dont use latin script.

Seems like a good feature request instead of a bug, since current functionality is behaving as expected. Should we convert it?

Example of this work already done on Wikidata:

It does kind of cycle back to the same issue though, which is maintaining a link to the appropriate reference page, be it Wikipedia or Wikidata. String searches on Wikidata will have the same problem as string searches on Wikipedia, without the redirect benefit.

That being said, I do agree though that the benefits of linking into the Wikidata information seem an optimal way to approach this.

The links on that page are from Wikidata to Wikipedia, and are what Wikipedia itself uses to generate those “read this article in other other language” links in the left sidebar of Wikipedia articles. Wikidata organizes taxa by scientific name (for the most part).

Since it’s working as designed, I moved this from #bug-reports to #feature-requests.

Unfortunately this is not something you can count on. There is no standard for naming, and in typical Wiki fashion agreement seems impossible. There is a current edit war going on between users setting the scientific name as the default and users replacing it with the English name.

Right – “for the most part” as in the grand scheme of the number of taxa listed there.