/v1/taxa endpoints cap observations_count at 10,000

For taxa with >= 10000 observations, using any of the /v1/taxa endpoints, observations_count is returned as 10000. I searched the 2 APIs and can’t see any other way to get the correct number, yet somehow the web does.

I understand about the 10000 cap on the # of results returned, but in this case, only one record is being asked for. For example, looking up Bombus (52775) via the API:


  "results": [
      "observations_count": 10000,
      "name": "Bombus",

vs. on the web:


Total observations:

Is this a bug, or by design? And if by design, is there some other endpoint that would get me this statistic?


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I’d say bug, see https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/identification-count-reset-to-10-000/7344/9

Issues with counts being stuck at 10,000 are related to the recent upgrade. This case should be fixed now

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Thanks. I can confirm the bot now reports the observations count for “life” correctly.