Observation count wrong on taxon page

Platform: Website

Browser : n/a

https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/1004909-Gasteracanthinae (exampl)


Description of problem:
Taxa page (this is an example, have seen on other pages) for this subfamily shows 2,111 (as I write this) observations as seen in the screenshot. One genus alone (Gasteracantha) as shown in the taxa tree has over 9,000 records. I have no geo filter or any other filter applied. Clicking on the observation View All button returns the 2,111 records. Drilling into the tree on the genus with the 9000+ confirms that number is correct.


This taxon should be fixed now, I’m seeing 9k+ observations at https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/1004909-Gasteracanthinae Likely something wasn’t correctly reindexed when there was a taxon change.What are some other examples?