VertNet link in about section of taxon page

This appears to be a newly added automated link created in the about section on the taxon page. Just curious why it is added to plants, insects etc when as far as I can tell VertNet is exclusively focused on vertebrates?

Sounds like maybe a legitimate bug to report – shall I convert the topic to that category?

If you wish go ahead, it was an assumption it is automated and not someone’s manual labour.

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Good thought! After some investigation it turned out to have been added by @bobby23 a couple of months ago. It was “automated” in the sense that it was set to apply to Life and all of its descendants. I was able to edit it to apply only to Subphylum Vertebrata and it’s descendants, and that appears to have solved the issue.

The link to the set-up for the VertNet reference (possibly only visible to curators, I’m not sure):

From the link above:

to be honest, I added [VertNet] primarily to aid some investigative taxonomy projects I was doing for iNaturalist and the Mammal Diversity Database as part of my summer internship. If VertNet isn’t useful here as a link, you are welcomed to remove it or make it so that it only links to Vertebrata.

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@cmcheatle any reason not to close this topic at this point?