Vesper Bat observation made Casual?

Here’s the observation in question:

It’s difficult to get it to species, so there was a vote that this observation couldn’t be improved. However, this turned the observation into a casual one, since it couldn’t get to a species level. The only way I could get the observation out of casual status was to put in a vote that the ID still could be improved.

Is this a bug? This isn’t to dismiss the casual status, but there’s a lot of species that are impossible to tell apart by photos alone.

EDIT: Just did some checking and realized that casual observations can still show up as ‘Wild’, which is good, but it’s still confusing. :grin:

Casual observations just need to be missing one of these qualities: is wild, date, location, photo evidence.


A community ID up to Genus level will be allowed to go to Research Grade when “cannot be improved” is upvoted. But this observation is still at Family level. If you think it could be identified to Genus, then I would downvote “cannot be improved” and see if Genus agreement can be reached. Otherwise, a Family level ID will go to casual (by design) when it cannot be improved.

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Ahhh. I was concerned for a moment until I realized that the ‘wild’ status isn’t exclusive to ‘Needs ID’ and ‘Research Grade’.

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