Vestigial menu on sounds in Chrome

In Chrome, clicking these three little dots doesn’t seem to do anything:

Is it possible to remove the menu?

vs. Firefox, which has no menu:


what’s interesting is that if you size your browser window just right, you can actually see that clicking on the menu button does bring up a menu with a single option to download:

i didn’t dig into the code deep enough to determine whether the menu was shifted accidentally or intentionally, but knowing that it’s there, would you rather:

  1. do nothing,
  2. try to (un)shift the menu so that it pops up in a typical spot, OR
  3. remove the menu (thereby removing the download option)?

it looks like Chrome / Chromium adds that download option to its audio control by default. since version 58 of Chrome, the control can be customized via a controlsList property on HTMLMediaElement (see it seems fairly straightforward to remove the download option using this property, but i’m not familiar enough with the Observation page’s code and framework (Bootstrap + jQuery?) to tell you if that would cause any downstream problems.

here’s an example of what the audio control looks like with and without the download option (interactive:


just FYI. it looks like there was some code checked in today to address this (see, although it doesn’t look like the button is removed from the website yet. i’m not sure about the timing of iNaturalist’s deployment process, but i assume if the code is already checked in, this should be pushed out live to the masses soon.

The Chrome-using masses may now rejoice.


whee! thanks

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