New UI/layout in Identify tab?

both Opera and Chrome


Yeah I just noticed this and came here looking for info. Seems to have been changed recently as I made some IDs earlier today and would have noticed.

It feels a little awkward compared to the previous layout, but it’s possible that it just looks “different” to my brain after so much time staring at this screen. I don’t mind the user avatar (altho it doesn’t fit in the box) but the placement of the Agree button doesn’t seem like an improvement and kind of clashes with the layout in the regular observation view.

edit: Seems likely to be an error rather than an intentional design change


presumably related, this is now what happens in a collection project when you click on the members button

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I’m guessing it’s an error rather than an actual change. Similar things have happened (strangely only on chrome devices) and have been reverted back. It’s probably the same case here.


I noticed it too, after a page refresh this evening. Definitely appears like a bug.


Yes, let us hope that it is a bug that will be repaired soon.

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[@sedgequeen I moved your post here]

I would like the “agree” button back where it was, so I don’t have to move the mouse so far to get to the next photo.

I suppose there’s some good reason for this change, but at this point, it’s just annoying. I’ll probably get used to it. Sigh.

Would you just delete this comment of mine? Or tell me how to do it?

it may not be an actual change, read the comments above

click the three dots underneath your comment, then the bin symbol

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this megabox is affecting other dropdown menus too, eg

I really hope its a bug, I’m not a fan

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Glad to see I’m not going mad, and the Agree button has moved!

Please revert.

I’m not a fan either, but let’s just make sure we don’t light the torches and brandish the pitchforks before an official response :)

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This also shows up when you try to see who voted in the DQA. On my iPhone I can’t even see the votes because it’s so far to the left side of the screen that it’s cut off. That’s making identifying potentially feral cats very tricky.

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OK, now that I see what’s going on.

  1. Making flagging easier is a good thing.
  2. The rest of the options under that drop-down menu are useless at best for me, but I suppose anything that might increase identifying is worth a try.
  3. The new location of the “Agree” button is too far from the arrow for doing to the next observation. Already, my wrist can get tired when I’m doing lots of ID’s, and this is worse. (Yes, I know I can use arrow keys to move and sometimes I do, but often I’d rather not.)

So . . . Once the Agree button is moved back to the right side, where it should be, I’ll be OK with this change.

Hi folks, I don’t think any of these new formats are intentional because they coincide with some changes released a few hours ago related to right-to-left languages. The engineers should be able to address it tomorrow. Please bear with us until then.


Please fill out the following sections to the best of your ability, it will help us investigate bugs if we have this information at the outset. Screenshots are especially helpful, so please provide those if you can.

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The layout of the Identify modal is strange for me in both Chrome and Firefox on Windows 10. Specifically the placement of ID taxa, agree button, and user profile pics (all the way over on right) are weird. Doesn’t appear to be a zoom issue as the screenshot is at 100% zoom and issue persists even when changing zoom.

Perhaps the engineers broke the code when they messed with the stylesheet (css file).
Hope they fix it soon.

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Seems to have been fixed.

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