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Hey everyone! In the past, on the android app, I was able to click Explore and it would automatically open to a grid view of recent uploads in a broad area around my location. It seems that area is incredibly small on ios, and when zooming out on the map to change the radius, there are hardly any observations that load, despite there being a ton of observations actually in the area. I also used to be able to search by my state, with newest observations always being at the top. I can’t find this function on ios either. Am I missing something?

When using the app on iOS, open ‘Explore’ and then zoom out/zoom in to the map area that you want(any observations that are located within the area of the map on your screen will be included) and then click the list button on the top right instead of the map button. You will see a tab under the search bar that comes up saying, “Restricted to current map area” and then observations by most recent will pop up. Also, the observation points that load on the map when you click explore are the most recent 20 or however many observations that show in the area of the map on your screen. If you click the grid or list button you can see them in order by most recent and can keep scrolling through them though after a bit they do tend to get a bit buggy. You may have to clear the “Restricted to the current map filter and then go back to the map and then click back into the list for it to work properly sometimes.

To search by location(state, county, place) or by project or person, type in the username, city, country, place, or project name in the search bar and there will be a list that comes down as shown in the photo below that you can click the certain parameter you want to search for.

This is a huge frustration. Often I’ll be looking for a specific observation of a specific species in my area when on mobile and the way the mobile search works it won’t show it even if I’m zoomed into the exact area and have enabled all the appropriate filters applicable.

Works fine on the browser based system, but the iOS system is infuriating to use.

We’ve been promised a complete revamp and overhaul of the iOS system for years now, but nothing, and questions about it get moved to the general questions list thread where they disappear and never get any response.

At this point I honestly don’t think we will ever get any meaningful overhaul of the mobile apps

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I’m aware of that, and that’s been in progress for a loooooong time, hence my frustration.

We’ve been waiting years since it was announced that the mobile apps would be overhauled from the ground up and made the same across iOS and Android platforms.

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