Viewing tags from specific people on your dashboard

So I have a question that sorta of is tailored to folks who Identify a lot of observations.
There becomes a point where your dashboard notifications become overwhelming to be able to sort through but you still want to look at specific tags from a subset of people. Is there a way to set your dashboard to only show Tags from specific people?

Because it can become overwhelming the only other option is to have people individually message you. which is sort of a process if you are in identify mode.
you have to open another tab
bring up intaturalist
go to identifications
copy url of observation
find user to send observation to
paste and then send.
it may seem simple but it actually causes a lot of headache and many additional steps.

I know to cut down on your dashboard you can turn off a few groups of notifications but that wouldn’t solve the issue

Does anyone have a better way to rectify this?


If there is not how difficult would it be to add this feature?
it could be very beneficial if you ask me.

Notifications are currently being reworked, so things may be more customizable at some point. Are you saying you have an overwhelming number of mentions? Or just identification notifications? Have you tried turning off agreeing identification notifications?


Currently, mentions (which is the official iNat term for them, although I guess most of us call them tags) don’t generate any records, just a one-time notification. So unless they get totally reworked, this probably won’t be possible unfortunately.

This is your workflow for, when you’re on the Identify page, messaging another user about that observation? If so, I think you could probably cut down on one or two steps. For example, if you click on View, that will open the observation in a new tab.


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I have personally done that and it makes it more manageable for myself. but I was actually trying to figure a way to help another contributor that is more active.
I hope they do, it would be nice if Inat had a poll for issues that contributors would like to see changed. If I diverted time to think about it, there are several other things that could allow for more concise ease of use.

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You can always post feature requests. People vote for those, which gives an indication of popularity. But if the developers are already working on something (like with notifications), or already decided they won’t be working on something, then popularity is sort of irrelevant and the request may not be approved.

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from @pisum


Thank you Tiwane! that actually helps a lot

I can not believe I never noticed that! lol major time saver

thanks all!

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