Generate a list of observations I have tagged another user on without getting a response- possible?

I am an avid IDer of certain plant groups, and am currently finishing up a project I set for myself of reviewing all the willow IDs for a certain defined area. While working through this set, I “met” another avid IDer who lives in the local area of my chosen set. Discussions with this user have been extremely useful over the last few weeks. I tried to keep my tags and comments to her to only about 10/day, but I can see that she has likely missed some.

I am hoping that one of you clever iNatters knows a query that would create a list of all the observations I have tagged this user on that have not had any response yet from her. She also would like this list.

She relies on the very cumbersome iNat dashboard to work through her notifications; I have long since given up on this method (I wouldn’t have any hair left on my head!) and have moved to using workarounds in my email program (I typically get many notifications/day and want to look at all of them - the workaround is very effective and I don’t believe I miss much that way, and it allows me to “stack up” notifications in a tidy way during my busy season and return to them easily when I have time to work through them - anyway - I could explain that if anyone is interested).

Right now my question is can I create a list of all observations where I have tagged a particular user and had no response?

Otherwise one of us would have to re-review all the “Needs ID” in this set of willows and look at every one of those again to see if there are unresponded-to tags from me, or she would have to slog through all her notifications for the last month or so in her dashboard, which is insanely frustrating and won’t be happening.

Thank you for any help or advice, and forgive me if this question has already been answered, I did try a search first but didn’t find anything for this specific problem.


(Not an answer, but we wait, patiently, for better management of notifications. I see profiles that state flatly - I don’t look at notifications. And one profile has left iNat in despair at a mountain of notifications)

@pisum has a notifications tool - not sure if that can answer your particular question.


Thank you @dianastuder …I have seen you mention @pisum 's clever tools before, but when I look I find myself completely confused, (and again today, looking at their GitHub repo link). My ability only runs to being able to copy and paste a handy query and make minor adjustments to it to personalize for my purposes. But perhaps I will message and ask, if no one answers here in this topic. Unfortunately, I am not “smarter than the average bear” when it comes to these iNat tools ;-)


i don’t think the tool works directly to answer this particular question, but it could used as one step of a multistep process to answer the question, or since:

… the tool could be used by the person you’re tagging as an alternative interface to help improve her workflow.

but you can also sort of answer your question by using other tools.

if you mentioned the other user in standalone comments (as opposed to in the notes of an identification) you can find those by searching for the user’s id in your comments:[other person’s user id].

if you mentioned the other user in the notes of identifications (as opposed to standalone comments), you have to go through all those identifications since i don’t think you can search within the identification notes, but you can filter for, say, a particular taxon or place or date range, to narrow things down. here’s a page that will help you see your identification notes in the rightmost column, and there’s also an indicator of the sequence of your identifications so that you can tell from a glance whether there was a successive identification added to the observation:

if you know how to code a bit, you could automate the process of searching through identifications (not comments) a little bit using the API, but i don’t know that the time it would take to code that would be less than the time it would take to just visually scan through the page noted above.


Wow, thank you @pisum , I’ll work through trying these options, except for the idea about coding, hahaha!


As with IDs on iNat - if you can point the question in the right direction - you get a RG answer - thanks, pisum !

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