"Waiting to upload" on iOS 2.0.6

I have the same problem.

I can upload observations made recently, but I have 29 older observations from the past few months that are stuck. When I press uploade, the app acts like it wants to try to upload but then nothing happens. It just says “Waiting to upload…”

I don’t see how I screenshot will help better describe this problem.

I have 2.0.6, build 610

I tap on the version information many times but it doesn’t let me send a log file…

I am using the iOS app

Welcome to the Forum, and thank you for reporting.
I believe that log files are currently only available for Android.

Can you add a screenshot, though?

@swinton unfortunately the iOS app doesn’t have logging functionality, that’s only for Android.

I know screenshots sometime seem silly, but there’s actually a lot of information that can be derived from them that simply can’t be accurately or fully described in text - especially because we often use different terms for the same thing. So screenshots or, even better, screen recordings, are extremely helpful when troubleshooting an issue.

Instructions for recording your screen in iOS and Android 11.

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I assume you mean 3.0.6 build 610?