Way to get uploaded picture original file name via API

Short version in the title :grin:
Longer version: is there a way to use the API to retrieve the original file names, and from there the Obs number ?
I can code, I already use the API for some things, but I couldn’t find the file names there (although they are visible in the web interface).
Maybe they are not exposed in the API ?
Any help most welcome, cheers !

I highly doubt original filenames are stored anywhere, from a technical standpoint: why would they? ^^

Follow up: After looking at the API myself, the standard JSON API does provide:
native_original_image_url - might be a link to any original upload potentially containing the original filename, besides that, chances are low I’m afraid

this is correct. the only way i know of for regular users to get the information is to scrape the photo page that sbushes notes above. this is available only for your own observations.

for what it’s worth, there has been past discussion about different ways to create new functionality to provide this data (ex. https://github.com/inaturalist/iNaturalistAPI/issues/188), but i don’t think there’s consensus on the best approach for this, and it sort of seems like although staff would have no objections to some third party coding this so that it could be merged into the code, staff probably wouldn’t prioritize that effort for themselves.

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