Web uploader: add reminder to merge multiple photos of same organism

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In particular, i found that new users in particular often seem confused about the utility of having each organism (at a given day/time) as a single ‘primary’ observation. But also some experienced users. It repeatedly leads to some users loading all their photos independently, leading to false redundancy.

Feature request details:
The uploader already seems to allow merger and transfer of metadata, so functionality is there - but it seems users either miss it or misunderstand it. For example, it could be just be highlighted more clearly about the potential for merger of multiple ‘cards’ prior to upload. If no mergers are made prior to upload, perhaps even there could be a dedicated question step introduced between card annotation and upload, just to confirm if “Are there any that should be merged?”

(edited title to make it an action and clarify what the request is for)

I still get surprised by how many people miss the “Combine” button, but I guess it’s kind of tucked away and “Combine” is sort of cryptic. I could maybe see a pop-up appearing like once or twice for a user, but it definitey should not be there every time. Even if there was a pop-up reminder, I think many people who see the pop-up but don’t see “Combine” would probably still be mystified unless there were more thorough instructions.


If implemented, it should be worded carefully, so that users aren’t confused into thinking that if they observe 2 individuals of an endangered species (for example) that they can only add one observation.

And yes, I agree with @tiwane that, if implemented, it should only appear a set number of times for new users only.

I’ve tried to look to the Uploader as newcomer.
May be there should be a checkbox (or “select” action) on each card? Because it is not obvious to drag-n-drop or use Shift key. There is “Select all” checkbox, but nothing pointing to selection several cards.

Or, may be you can extend the message “Select observations to edit” at the left part to point how the user can select them. There is enough place to put at least several sentences there.


I’m going to close this request, it’s not something we plan to move forward on.