Merging images of same species

Why wont my images merge when i am posting multiple images of the same species?

Carol, hello and welcome!
I’d be happy to help, but it would help to know a little more. Where are you uploading? On the app, or the website? If you can include specific examples that would help even more.

Thanks on the website, , i seem to have fixed the problem - it used to work if I put the cursor anywhere on the whole post,I subsequently discovered it moved if I held the cursor just on the image


Select all, then merge - works for me.

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To clarify this, on the website you can control+click all of the observations you want to merge in the bulk uploader, and then click the Merge button at the top left. Or, you could drag each of them into the image you want to be the main thumbnail. You could also use the Select All checkmark at the top middle of the page to select all of the observations on the page, but only do that if you’re only uploading one individual at a time.

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