Web Uploader Update - Duplicate and Reorder Observations

The web uploader has just been updated, and you can now duplicate observations and drag to reorder observations.

To duplicate an observation (or observations), select it (or them) then click “Duplicate” at the top. Everything about the original observation will be duplicated except the species guess, observations fields, and projects.

To reorder a observation, drag and drop it either between two other observations or to the edge of another observation. You will see a dotted line appear, showing you where the observation will now be placed.

If you find any bugs, please file a bug report.


Can you put the combine button back to where it was? I keep hitting the duplicate button by mistake cause it’s now where the combine button was which is really frustrating.


Any reason you don’t use drag and drop to combine photos? I find it a lot quicker.

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nice! :)

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I often upload one observation at a time, 2-5 photos and hit select all then combine…, then either submit while I use filemanager to preview the next obs photos (and decide which ones I’ll use), or drag and drop the next lot and select the range not including the first observation. After a session at the arboretum I know they will largely be 3-5 photos per observation, but if uploading a large batch of just one or a few photos per observation, THEN I will drag and drop the lot and drag individual tiles to combine…

I agree it would be better if the duplicate and combine swap places, but only if it is easy to do… it still works and we’ll get used to it!

[edit: I do it this way largely because my computer crashes often… and it is very frustrating to spend 2 hours combining tiles, entering IDs and comments, tweaking pin locations, etc just to have the computer crash and have to start all over again…]


Thanks for the explanation, Mark. I’ll see if it can be swapped.


Those of us that can remember what it was like before the uploader was released are happy either way!

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This. … lol

??? Why is that “lol”?

I’m guessing @jameson_nagle is saying they’re in the same boat.

ah… I thought it might be my over-use of the ellipsis… :)


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This is brilliant! Thank you, iNat devs :-)

Question: when you duplicate an ob, does it use the same image(s) or are they also duplicated? This was discussed by @tonyrebelo etc. - https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/duplicate-photos-in-the-web-uploader/597/9

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It should be uploaded only once and used for multiple observations, eg https://www.inaturalist.org/photos/67153865


Excellent! Thank you! It will be a great boon to those of us on slow connections :-)

Can re-ordering observations be done on my computer?

Are you asking if you can reorder observations on your computer itself, or on the iNaturalist website? This functionality only works once you’ve added photos and sounds to the iNaturalist web uploader (which works best on a desktop or laptop computer). It won’t affect anything that is on your hard drive.

Apologize, my mistake. You clearly state that this is in the web uploader, but I missed that.


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