Website: ID badges in Explore and Identify now reflect ALL active IDs on an observation

Until now, when one looked at an observation on Explore and Identify on the iNaturalist website, the ID badge only showed the number of active IDs added by users other than the observer. We’re now showing all IDs added to the observation, including the active ID added by the observer, if there is one.

This is a fix for a bug, and also a move towards consistency in ID count displays. The Android app already counted IDs this way, and the new mobile app we’re working on will do so as well.

It’s just a slight display change but it’s definitely a bit jarring to me since I’m used to seeing fewer ID badges on observations, and I imagine it’ll look odd to other web users at first so I wanted to give a heads up about it here.

If you see any bugs, please make a new topic for it in Bug Reports.


I agree and it’s good to know I’m not going mad


This is something I didn’t even know I pay attention to until suddenly it was behaving differently. Thanks for the announcement!


I was curious as to what was going on.

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i’ve been adding observations again for the first time since the change, and it’s taking me a while to get used to the new display…

while i appreciate the id count displayed for each observation, i wonder if the icon could be de-emphasized a bit (maybe a black outline only) if the only ID is the observer’s? that might be too many technical changes to be worth the effort though… not sure.


I was like, finally it makes sense! Thanks for the fix!

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