Website: Moths of Southeastern Arizona?

There used to be some really good information and many images of moths in s.e. AZ on a website hosted by Univ. of Arizona. I don’t know who the author of the information was. The now non-functional link is as follows:
and a typical now-broken link to images would look something like this example:
There are a lot of links to this domain on BugGuide and none of them are functional anymore. I am assuming that the information has moved or the server domain has been renamed. I’d like to find the present location of this information. I tried to track down a current server domain on UA but got nowhere. Can anyone help find this s.e. AZ moth information?

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The Internet Archive mirror seems pretty thorough if you can’t find another solution.

This seems to have been Bruce Walsh’s site, you might try emailing him.


I’ll put in a plug for, made by Ronald Parry


Thanks all. Bruce Walsh (author of the site) has been contacted and is aware of the issue.


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