Weird id suggestions in web uploader: "orange" or "wall brown"

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Step 1: when doing a large web upload, occasionally the id field gets autofilled with unhelpful suggestions like “orange” or “wall brown”

What are some of your photo filenames?

Are there any strings of text that match any names listed on the taxonomy tab of the pages for orange or wall brown? Some people name their photos with the species in the filename, so iNat tries to match the taxon in the web uploader automatically.

See feature request:

And some issues:


Could be meta tags. If available and matching anything in its database, iNat will use metatags to ID. In Lightroom, I mark photos as a color to how indicate how finished editing is or where it has been uploaded. I have never had that issue with iNaturalist. But they sometimes show up on Flickr as meta tags. iNaturalist may be picking up similar color tagging from zahnerphoto’s editor.


@zahnerphoto If the species field is being filled in without you clicking on it, then iNaturalist is filling it in from the photo’s file name or metadata, so I don’t think it’s a bug.


Interesting, thanks. I’ll have to go back and look at the files. Sometimes the filename is the dive site name, so ‘wall’ or ‘orange’ could have been in the name.

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