Weird question about automatic identifications

Okay, so as soon as the metadata to my photos load, my observations are automatically IDed as Equus asinus (donkey or… jackass). I assume I left a logged in account open at work and one of my co-workers thought it funny (so do I,) but I can’t seem to fix it. It becomes tiresome to have to go back through every uploaded observation to re-ID. Anyone know how to fix this?

Any chance the photo names contain in them any of the common names associated with E. asinus on this page (taxonomy tab) :

I had no idea iNat took the file name as species (is this a new feature?)… um, yes, though 30, my maturity is nill, and since I can edit my file names in camera to be any 3 letters (it is usually DSC) I changed them all to be “ASS.” So, I have thwarted myself hahahaha.


Yes a new feature. Congrats you are the latest person to encounter issues with it. Details here


And the lesson of course is never, ever underestimate the number of ways users can make a mockery, intentional or otherwise of your design and computer code.


Programming is easy, predicting the behaviour of users is the hard part


thanks for the laugh :joy:



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