Parsing identifications from file name

This is not so much a “Feature Request” as a “Feature - THANK YOU”. Just in the past few days, I’ve noticed that on the uploads page, my observations are getting species identifications filled in from my file name (actually “file title” in Apple’s parlance) rather than from keywords. Since my usual routine is to rename all images with the scientific name as part of the file title prior to uploading, this now saves me a lot of effort since those Latin names are now being parsed into the species ID during the “Loading metadata” effort. I love it!



Yup, this was just added, from this feature request.


Very cool, thank you!

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I noticed recently that when I uploaded pics from Flickr to iNat that the species name was being filled in. I usually include the taxon name (common and/or scientific) in the title or description notes/tags associated with the Flickr photo. Had not seen that before, that I can recall, but it’s a great feature.

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I, too, appreciate this feature. Even though recently it named all new my photos “Anil’s Bush Frog, Raorchestes anili,” which they weren’t – they weren’t even frogs. And I found a recently added bird observation from someone else that had that same frog identification. So it’s not perfect, but a good feature nonetheless.

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FYI @jon_sullivan I wonder if this had something to do with the default Bay laurel & tree frog IDs I got during the image metadata upload on my obs a couple of days ago?

It’s been working with Flickr for a long time. It’s one of the reasons I requested that it be applied to the names of files directly uploaded to iNat as well.


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