Whale shark after Flickr photo replaced

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Step 1: Replace a photo on Flickr (I have a whole bunch that were accidentally uploaded at low res, and this one that was too dark)

Step 2: Click i icon on iNat photo linked to that Flickr photo

Step 3: Click Repair URLs (which I thought was what I was supposed to do … no?)

Step 4: Admire magnificent specimen of Rhincodon typus.

Step 5: Decide to start from scratch: Go to Upload page, choose Import from Flickr, and select the new image on Flickr.

Step 6: Doesn’t work: the image imported to iNat is the old photo, not the new one. Compare https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/199418769 (darker image) to the image it was imported from, https://www.flickr.com/photos/anitagould/53531990204/ (lighter image). I have tried waiting overnight or longer when this happens, in case there was some temporary caching, but it never resolves.


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I had a similar issue a few days ago with importing images from Flickr. Made several tries with no imports. iNaturalist showed the thumbnails (mostly) and let me choose them, but got the same lovely whale shark.
I tried again the next morning and everything worked fine, so not quite the same experience you had. I got the sense the issue was on Flickr’s end, but not sure. (Flickr was having trouble displaying albums, for instance.)
Sorry, not helpful to your specific issue, but likely related.
Edit. Everything on the web interface, Windows 10 with Chrome as the browser.

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